PossibleChops.com is proud to add Dre´Energy to our Instructor list.

Andre’ “Dre Energy” Boyd, a native of St. Louis, began playing the drums at two years old. Watching his brother play every Sunday morning at church fascinated him so much that he wanted to become a professional drummer. Since then Dre Energy has been blessed to tour with numerous artists and shows from the United States to Europe and beyond.

Dre Energy recently finished a 6 year world tour with Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam show production.

Dre Energy is a very gifted musician that has mastered styles and genres such as Funk, Fusion, jazz, Gospel, R&B, Country, Rock, Blues etc…

Dre Energy has also been invited to do many drum clinics and workshops around the world. Such places as, China, Taiwan, Russia, Estonia, London, New Zealand, South Korea, Israel and many more places.

Dre Energy was also voted by MusicRadar in London, UK as one of the Top 10 Best New Drummers in the World.

Dre Energy is an exceptional young talented musician who is commited to playing on the best gear, while displaying great musicianship and professionalism.

Checkout Dre’s lessons and watch for more to be added each week.