Chops aren’t difficult… they’re just fast

You see a lot drummers on Instagram and YouTube “shredding”.  

You may think,

“that’s difficult”


“I could never do that”



Try saying this,

“That’s fast, but if I knew what the drummer was playing, I could play it slow.” 

“If I took enough time, I could play it that fast”.

Hard to believe?

I will show you there are only 6 things you need to play anything on the drums.  In this video I will break them down for you and give you the tools you need to learn chops on this website.

6 Things You Need to Play Anything on the Drums

1. Singles – single notes played by either hand (or foot)

The most basic thing you can do in drumming is play 1 note.  You’ll want to spend time on technique to make sure your mechanics are good, but this site is for drummers who have basic skills.

Single-Stroke Roll – Alternating hands quickly is referred to as a single-stroke-roll or “singles” for short.

2. Doubles – 2 notes played by the same hand (or foot) is considered a “double” or “diddle”.

3. Flams – played by both hands at the same time, flams consist of a quiet note followed by a loud note. They are played very close together.  The hand that plays the loud note dictates the hand…. in other words, a right-handed flam is played with a quiet left followed by a loud right.

4. Accents – an accented note is louder.

5. Ghosts – a ghosted note is played very quietly.  It is meant to be very subtle.  Sometimes you don’t even hear these notes or they blend so well, you don’t really know where they are coming from.

6. Speed – This is the final step and may be the most difficult.  You can play ANYTHING on the drums… slowly.  The key to chops drumming is bringing it up to speed.  It’s also the reason most chops drumming you hear live or online is impossible to learn from.  It goes by so fast you can’t pick it up.



Click here and I’ll walk you through one of the lessons on PossibleChops.